Here at Cogins Maltese, we take special pride in raising our babies under foot.  Only the best care, food, and love goes into our babies.  We hope that you will allow them to enter into your family and love them unconditionally.

Gina and Cory










New Litter!

Date of birth: 07/17/2017

1 male/ 2 females

Sire: Simba

Dam: Leah


Biggest Girl:  $1500 (pet) Charting at 5.5 lbs full grown. She is full of personality! Loves to play Loves her belly rubbed and is quite the adventurer! She's got a beautiful coat and pigment is coming in great. Email for more info!:)


Smaller Girl: $1500 (pet) Charting at 4.5-5 lbs full grown. She is a cuddler. A little more shy than her sister. But still a sweetie and coming out of her shell very well. She is short and cobby. Has a nice coat.


Small Boy: $1200 (pet) Charting at 4.5 lbs full grown. A MOMMA"S boy! For sure! He's a little shy right now ...but he too is coming out of his shell. He really was sad that Mommy had to leave him. He's very gentle natured. A laid back little guy.
















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